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Close to nature, food tastes the best. It’s even more amazing when the produce comes from the local area. That’s the purpose of Skånska Smakvandringar – for those with an appetite for genuine dining experiences and beautiful scenery. Together with our knowledgeable guide, you will experience nature at its most beautiful and gain new knowledge of the local culture and history. Along the way we enjoy the local cuisine’s small wonders: freshly baked bread, cold meats, herring, cheeses, jams, chutney, tapas and much more. Refreshing drinks from the area puts an extra spring in your step. Read more about our walks on Romelåsen, Fulltofta and Österlen.

A very warm welcome! Pernilla with Team Smakvandring


We start from the parking lot below The Lodge at Romeleåsen’s peak. After a short walk you’ll be on your way, enjoying local delicacies that awaken the taste buds. Then the hike continues through lush forests and meadows – all with well-timed breaks for the most important – the food!


We start from the car park, adjacent to the castle, and within a few steps we are in the middle of a magical walk that will tickle your palate. We will be guided through forests and meadows with regular stops to experience new food sensations.


A taste experience in the place where you are. For the company’s customer invitations or staff events, for clubs, the girl evening or the men’s dinner. We serve delicious flavours and guide you through the food crafts of Skåne producers and share anecdotes and stories from times gone by.

November 2019
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A box filled with products that can be eaten at any time and with anyone. Our own chocolates, or coffee, jam and chutney or spice and drinks. A mix of tasty delicacies to suit all occasions. The box always contains flavors from our food heroes who create with Heart & soul.

from 450 SEK