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Close to nature, food tastes the best. It’s even more amazing when the produce comes from the local area. That’s the purpose of Skånska Smakvandringar – for those with an appetite for genuine dining experiences and beautiful scenery. Together with our knowledgeable guide, you will experience nature at its most beautiful and gain new knowledge of the local culture and history. Along the way we enjoy the local cuisine’s small wonders: freshly baked bread, cold meats, herring, cheeses, jams, chutney, tapas and much more. Refreshing drinks from the area puts an extra flow in your step. Read more about our hikes on the Romelåsen and Österlen.

We love to meet you! Pernilla with Team Smakvandring


We start from the parking lot below The Lodge at Romeleåsen’s peak. After a short walk you’ll be on your way, enjoying local delicacies that awaken the taste in best ways Then the hike continues through lush forests and meadows – all with well-timed breaks for the most important – the food!

This hike is a little tougher and has a couple of steep sections, sometimes a little muddy but when it’s so beautiful it doesn’t matter. We are in no hurry. However, choose the right shoes.

Days to hike

Days to hike


We start from the parking lot in front of the castle. After a short walk you’ll be on your way, enjoying local delicacies that awaken the taste in best ways

We will be guided through forests and meadows with regular stops to experience new food sensations.

This Taste Walk is relatively easy to walk. Slopes shine with their absence and the terrain is fine. However, it is tough to reach by wheelchair, bike or stroller.

Sheep & Food

Imagine a short visit to Scotland or Wales – just as breathtakingly beautiful it is at The Lake Häckeberga at the edge of Romeleåsen.

During three hours you get to experience the interplay between sheep and herding dogs and enjoy a tasty lunch in the green, Skåne. Around a camp site we gather and enjoy a local lunch from the best producers in Skåne. We have high ceilings with questions and take the time to answer.

Days to hike

Training & Food - best combo ever!

Is it possible to exercise, laugh and eat at the same time? Yes, we think it’s a good combo, but the good locally produced lunch comes right after a tough pass in Romeleåsen’s enchanting forests. You will enjoy the laughter throughout the day. It should be fun to exercise.

Days to hike


Enjoy a lovely, sunny day on the bike in the forest We bike off road sometimes an on bumpy roads sometimes uphill and sometimes downhill 4 times we stop for some delicious food and drinks.

A box full of local food

This is the perfect christmas gift!

order your box from us and give it to your employe or custumer. Just send me a mail if you want to know more about it. The box i filled with local yummies like

choclate, different soft drinks, licorice, jam, spices, coffee, snacks to the drink or just a lot of stuff to eat on a fridaynight 😉


500 kr inkl tax