Near nature, food taste delicious. And it's very extraordinary when the food come from the area. 6km with a knowledgeable guide in the most beautiful natur in Fulltofta with landscape that is varying with deep woodland, open glades and pasture, wide heath land and mighty oak trees, small and big ponds and many little streams. All food come from producers round the corner and there is five stops to enjoy. You need shoes to trail in and its not available in wheelchair or bike. Your four legged friend is welcome but off course in a leash. We are hiking in areas with horses and cows and its important to respect the animals.

How to get there

There is a great parking place at the start. If you start your travel in Malmö, Lund, Hörby or Kristianstad - take the bus!

Read more about the area and to get there: http://en.skanskalandskap.se/recreation-areas/fulltofta

Included in Food & Walk

Your knowledgeable guide A five course delicate menu from local producers Weather? We do walk & eat in rain but not if it is too rainy. Wheelchair, stroller and bike can be to difficult to use in this terrain. Dogs? Yes its totally okej but do pleas tell us about it som we can prepare. Shop? In the end you can buy some of the good stuff that you've taste along the hiking. Bring cash or if you have card, we have izettle.

Dogs are allowed

If you have a dog that you want to bring, they are welcome, but we cannot have too many dogs on the walks so make sure to register your dog and wait for our confirmation.

In order for it to be a nice experience for everyone in the group, we want to keep some guidelines regarding dogs:

- The dog must be kept on a leash throughout the walk.

- Dogs are not allowed close to the dining tables. There will be a place to keep the dog at each stop.

- Everyone doesn't like dogs (even if we do) so show consideration to the group

- We walk through cow pastures and it is especially important to show respect for the grazing animals. Follow the guide's instructions.

Starting point for this taste walk

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September 2019
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Adult: SEK 1195/person including food, drinks and a guide
(If you buy tvow tickets (or more) you pay SEK 995/ticket)

Children: 499 kr/child
(Gäller endast ålder 7–12 år)

Dog: SEK 99/dog

Prices include VAT.

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Important! Cancellations must be made 24 hours before the intended walk. After cancelling you need to log in to "My account" and rebook your walk.

We do not refund any hikes, even if we have to cancel due to bad weather and we reserve the right to cancel a walk with too few attendees. We will of course help you book another date as we want you to experience a hike worth remembering.