A taste walk with Scanian soul

In the dark and mossy forests around full-fledged, one can really feel the scent of forest. Here you hike 6 km in beautiful enchanting nature together with a guide who presents food, drink and surroundings. After five moderate stops, we round off with local roasted coffee and something sweet before moving on to the next adventure. Our taste walk at Fulltofta gives you Skåne as a delicacy.

Practical information

The activity takes about 4 hours and it is good if you dress for weather. Good and sturdy shoes are preferable, but not necessary. This activity is suitable for adults over the age of 18, with good fitness. Paths and roads are not always wheelchair-friendly but the dog is welcome to accompany.

Dogs Are Allowed

If you have a dog you want to bring, they are warmly welcomed! However, there are a limited number of places for the dogs, so please be prepared that it may turn out that your dogs cannot keep up with the particular hike you are booking. The dog will also be offered some delicacies and water.

However, in order for it to be an experience for everyone in the group, we want to keep certain guidelines regarding dogs:

– The dog must be kept leashed throughout the walk.

– The dog must not stay in front of the dining tables. There will be opportunities for the dog to be connected at each stop.

– Everyone does not like dogs (although we do) so show consideration for the group

– We hike through cow pastures and there it is extra important to show respect for the grazing animals. Follow the guide’s instructions.

Starting point for this taste hike


Check availability and select the day that fits. Then fill in information such as number of adults, number of children and dogs that you want to book.
May 2022
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Adult: 69.5 €/person including food, drink and exercise.

Dog: 9.9 € / dog

Keep in mind! Cancellations must be made 24 hours before the intended hike. Then you can go into “My Account” and book about your hike.

It happens that we have to set due to bad weather and then we recommend that you keep your place and let us help you with booking a new date. If, in the unlikely event, you do not want to rebook to a new date, we will refund you. We reserve the right to set a hike at too few entries.

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