Smakvandring on tour

Inspiring taste hike on PilleHill

In south of scania we have created the opportunity for a whole weekend of taste experiences. Here you will have a wonderful afternoon with culinary and historical experiences along with millennial bronze age tombs, rune stones, gallows hill and wonderful views.

Land in your room and enjoy fine wines from Jannice that won silver in Worlds wine list award. Enjoy an evening with PilleHill´s  menu before crawling into a comfortable bed overlooking fields.

Breakfast is served in the dining room before the day calls and it’s time to head home. To book, we send you to the website PilleHill’s but if you want to know more about the taste walk, you send us an email. Enjoy this lovely weekend with food & drinks!

Bootcamp & Taste Experience

Have you sometimes wondered if it’s possible, in the middle of a trailround in the woods, to enjoy a boosting shot, raw bar or vitamin hut served by someone else? Or think about whether or not a good dinner can turn up in the end of training. Now it’s possible. Get together, laugh, run, push yourself & eat! (local) 

Date is coming up soon! Look out here.