Bootcamp & Taste Experience

Is it possible to exercise, laugh and eat at the same time? Yes, we think it’s a good combo, but the good locally produced lunch comes right after a tough pass in Romeleåsen’s enchanting forests. You will enjoy the laughter throughout the day. It should be fun to exercise.

About the event

6.5 km of running in combination with strength, interval and group exercises concludes with a locally served lunch with the canopy as a roof.

We start at 11 am with a proper warm-up and then take us around 6.5 km in varied terrain. When you least expect it, our instructor Sussie will make the pulse increase. After a little lap, it’s time for a change and something warm to drink before serving lunch.

The lunch consists of both vegetarian, chark, beverage & accessories and when we want you to know what good local suppliers we have, we obviously tell you a little about them.

Enjoy a Saturday with workouts, food and good friends. Book NOW already to secure your spot.


Sussie & Pernilla

Starting point for this taste hike

Time & Location

7 march
11 am – 3 pm approx (including training, changing and lunch)
Think of:
Dress for the weather. It can be slippery, wet, dry, muddy, windy or rainy. Dress yourself right (for training) and have a change with you to be able to eat outdoors. We will have fires running and be covered when we eat, but it can still feel a bit chilly unless the sweaty clothes are changed. You have the car in connection to the starting point and lunch place.
Södra UGGLARP 621, 247 98 Genarp