Christinehof ecopark

This year we have even more beautiful walks in the nature around the castle Christinehof. Follow our guide that takes you through magical stories from the area, wonderful flavors and anecdotes from our small local producers. This is a part of Österlen which shows its splendor with fantastic open views, lush forest areas and beautiful meadows.

About the walk

The terrain is hilly, so bring comfortable hiking shoes and clothing according to the weather. Expect at least 4 hours of hiking, including tasting.

about the food

We bring up delicious delicacies from small, local producers, with a passion for their manufacture. Our guide leads through the food, the drinks, its origins, as well as the neighborhood’s culture and history. You can taste fish, poultry, cheeses, biscuits, marmalades, various sausages, mushrooms and a large number of drinks that fit nicely, and much more.

Are dogs allowed

If you have a dog that you want to bring,  they are welcome, but we cannot have too many dogs on the walks so make sure to register your dog and wait for our confirmation.

In order for it to be a nice experience for everyone in the group, we want to keep some guidelines regarding dogs:

– The dog must be kept on a leash throughout the walk.

– Dogs are not allowed close to the dining tables. There will be a place to keep the dog at each stop.

– Everyone doesn’t like dogs (even if we do) so show consideration to the group

– We walk through cow pastures and it is especially important to show respect for the grazing animals. Follow the guide’s instructions.

Starting point for this taste walk

Directions to Smakvandring’s starting point at Christinehof Ecopark.

From Malmö / Lund:

  • Drive road 11 towards Simrishamn
  • In Sjöbo, turn right and straight through Stora Rondellen nr 11 towards Simrishamn
  • In Anklam turn left towards Vanstad
  • In Vanstad turn left towards Lövestad
  • Drive past Lövestad and through Andrarum
  • After a long tree avenue at a three-way cross, a large sign is visible to the left towards Christinehof’s eco park
  • Drive over the cattle guard obstacle and follow the road to the parking lot. 
  • Our guide is here waiting for you


Adult: SEK 1195/person including food, drinks and a guide.

Children: 499 kr/child
(Gäller endast ålder 7–12 år)

Dog: SEK 99/dog

Prices include VAT.

Important! Cancellations must be made 24 hours before the intended walk. After cancelling you need to log in to “My account” and rebook your walk.

We do not refund any hikes, even if we have to cancel due to bad weather and we reserve the right to cancel a walk with too few attendees. We will of course help you book another date as we want you to experience a hike worth remembering.



Check availability and select the day that fits. Then fill in information such as number of adults, number of children and dogs that you want to book.
August 2022
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun


Adult: 119.5 €/person
Including food, drink and guide

Children: 49.9 €/child
(age 7 – 12 years only)

Dog: 9.9 €/dog

Keep in mind! Cancellations must be made 24 hours before the intended hike. Then you can go into “My Account” and book about your hike.

It happens that we have to set due to bad weather and then we recommend that you keep your place and let us help you with booking a new date. If, in the unlikely event, you do not want to rebook to a new date, we will refund you. We reserve the right to set a hike at too few entries.

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