Sheep & Food

Herd sheep and enjoy local food – a unique experience

Imagine a short visit to Scotland or Wales. You sit down on the slopes around Häckebergasjön.

During three hours you get to experience the interplay between sheep and herding dogs and enjoy a tasty lunch in the green, Skåne.

About Sheep & Food

Sheep & Food is a collaboration between Smak hiking Skåne and Timetolearn. Several of the participating producers are members of Regional food culture Skåne.

Learn about the exciting interplay between sheep and dogs

If you have not been through the interplay between shepherd dog and sheep before, you will now experience something new. You will get really close and see the impressive interaction when the shepherd dog controls the sheep. Behind this is a lot of work. You will learn more about how to train a shepherd dog, how it works and what the sheep means.

A tasteful lunch of local produce

Close to nature tastes like food as best and even better when the food comes from the local cuisine. Pernilla from a taste hike in Skåne serves in connection with sheep waxing a rich and tasteful lunch in the green with food and drinks from local producers. We serve in the paddock with a view over Häckeberga and Romeleåsen. Wax yourself!

After lunch you will have to try herding if you want. It’s a challenge to be as effective as the dog!


Fårhagen is located a few hundred metres from the Skåneleden trail at Häckebergasjön outside Genarp.

Feel free to take a trip out if you are hiking in the surroundings.

Practical details

Fårhagen is not wheelchair-or stroller-friendly. Expect us to move around in the paddock and walk a few kilometers. Parking is available outside the Paddock. Dogs can be taken on a leash provided the dog is accustomed to sheep and does not react if sheep come close.

Dress in comfortable clothes for the weather and have hiking-friendly shoes.

Practical information

The activity takes about 3h and it is good if you dress after the weather. Good and sturdy shoes are preferable, but not necessary. This activity is suitable for adults and kids over the age of 7, with good fitness. Paths and roads are not always wheelchair-friendly but the dog is welcome to accompany.

Starting point for this taste hike


Check availability and select the day that fits. Then fill in information such as number of adults, number of children and dogs that you want to book.
January 2022
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun


Adult: 695 SEK/person
Including food, drink and guide

Children: 399 SEK/child
(age 7 – 12 years only)

Keep in mind! Cancellations must be made 24 hours before the intended hike. Then you can go into “My Account” and book about your hike.

It happens that we have to set due to bad weather and then we recommend that you keep your place and let us help you with booking a new date. If, in the unlikely event, you do not want to rebook to a new date, we will refund you. We reserve the right to set a hike at too few entries.

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