Pernilla Lindeberg

When I was asked to take over the taste hike in Skåne, the choice was cloudy. As clear as I love nature, food and man. To run and develop is a passion and to collaborate with talented producers who create with Heart & Soul is a favor. Skåne is filled with these. This year you will perhaps meet me as a guide at Romeleåsen and Fulltofta and as a crew at Christinehof Castle.

The tranquility of the cottage in Blentarp gives harmony to be creative and the dogs that get my free time energizes.

The 2019 season feels really extra good. We have found new producers and created new events. I look forward to taste hiking with you.

Malin Sparrman

Culinary Nerd, nature lover and Skånefan.

Born in Lund grew up in Örebro and is so to say a home Turner to my own happiness.

Interested in cultural history, arts and crafts of all kinds.