New Energy for Everybody

Walk, Talk & Eat is a new experience for both staff and customers. Join a guided tasting hike starting from The Lodge at Romeleåsens Topp. Wander through varied nature, experience the breathtaking view and enjoy together beautifully served delicacies from Skåne’s finest food producers. All products come from Scanian food producers with their own production and in some cases farm sales. Our food-savvy guides tell about the flavors and offer interesting background on the local culture and history.

A taste experience in the place where you are. For the company’s customer invitations or staff events, for clubs, the girl evening or the men’s dinner. We serve delicious flavours and guide you through the food crafts of Skåne producers and share anecdotes and stories from times gone by.

Taste hike Large 4-5 H, about 6 km

Taste hike large contains several different flavor stations with a filling range of Scanian delicacies and drinks. Guiding as above.

Taste hike between 2 – 2.5 h, about 4 km

Taste hike between contains, as well as the large, several flavor stations. The range of food is satisfying, therefore we recommend that it replaces your regular conference lunch. Guiding as above.

Tasting Hike Small 1 – 1.5 h, about 3 km

Taste hike small contains a tasting station with cheeses, crackers/crispbread, some other snacks and drinks. Therefore, it is best as a break during your conference day at The Lodge or as an alcohol-free “aperitif ́s hike” before dinner. Small tasting hike can also go on tour and can get there, where you have a conference. Call or click “Book A Taste Hike” on this page for pricing and information.

Taste sensation about 1.5 hours

A perfect event for customer invitations or to the staff meeting. We come to you and you will enjoy a composed taste experience that is more than delicate, laid out on the spot with you. It will be a storytelling experience about the products from the Scanian plains along with anecdotes and stories of yesteryear.

Prices & Book

Taste Hike Big
Price: SEK 14000
(for more than 16 persons SEK 955/person)

Taste Hike Medium
Price: SEK 8 000 (for more than 16 persons SEK 550/person)

Taste Hike Small
Price: SEK 4 700 (for more than 12 persons SEK 395/person)

Price: SEK 4500 (for more than 15 persons, SEK 300/person)

All prices excluding VAT. In all hikes and events, the content can vary slightly depending on the season!